Salman Khan  ♥  Karishma Kapoor 

Dear Sabiha,

Who would have thought that one day we’d get so close to each other? I still remember the days when you were just ‘prettyfulwishes’ that talented girl who made beautiful, elegant and mysterious videos. We never spoke to each other directly, but we always commented on each other’s videos praising each other’s work. When I joined Tumblr I found you here as well. After a long time of silently following each other we started talking one time and after that we talked more and more and even more through our ‘gang’ on whatsapp. You became one of my closest friends and I am really thankful for that. You’re always the one who gives me advice and support when it comes to difficulties in life. Talking with you about movies brings a huge smile on my face and fangirling and having fun with you fills my heart with joy. 

Sabiha, you have all the qualities to be the perfect sister and that’s why I  consider you my sister. You’re a great human being and I’m really happy I got to know a gem like you. I am wishing you a very happy birthday! I hope you have a great day with lots of fun and love. I hope all your wishes get fulfilled and that you’ll live a long healthy and successful life insha’Allah.

Lots of love, Malika. 

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